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A standard BOILER CHIMNEY CLEANING includes: a wire or Teflon brushing down the entire length of the flue, from the top of the roof or ladder, down to the boiler room, where the base of the chimney is located.  We run a vacuum the entire time to insure no mess and no dust will cover any surface of your home.  By using this cleaning method, we can remove built up soot/creosote and grime.



A standard FIREPLACE CLEANING can be performed by inserting a Teflon or wire brush from the top or the bottom of the fireplace flue.  A high powered vacuum is run the entire time of the cleaning to insure no mess or dust will cover any part of your home. Creosote build up on the walls of a chimney flue WILL start a fire, and DO start about 40,000 house fires a year!  We clean, install, and repair fireplace dampers as well.

A 12 point fire and safety inspection is done, using various lights and cameras, to check every component of your chimney.  If your chimney flue is not cleaned regularly, the soot will build up and rot from the inside out, and will usually require a stainless steel relining kit.

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