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Revitalize your chimney with a stainless steel liner.  Almost every chimney built after 1920 is built with a terracotta clay liner.  Every chimney needs a liner to protect the brick and mortar from decaying over time. The interior of the chimney, or flue, is the exhaust pipe for your home and the burner, or boiler, is the engine. When the terracotta flue pipes rot out and crack apart, your home is at risk of soot backing up or even more dangerously, carbon monoxide seeping into your home.


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to repair it is with a stainless steel liner "sleeve" inserted inside the old chimney.  The stainless steel liner will now vent all the gasses that travel through the flue, protecting your old chimney from further deterioration.  We provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel products we install.


All chimneys need a cap on top to keep out rain, (not a friend to masonry!), and other weather elements, animals, (nobody wants a family of raccoons living in their chimney!), tree limbs, and other debris.


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Most terracotta flue pipes in chimneys are standard sizes and we stock all of them on the truck to give you the best price on the spot.  We can custom fabricate large, old, or unusually sized chimney caps, in stainless steel or copper, within a day.